What is School VLE?

School VLE is a Virtual Learning Environment for Primary Schools.

The School VLE has been specifically created from the ground up based on the needs of primary schools.

School VLE

It is designed to reduce the amount of admin involved in homework and lesson setting, management and reporting, allowing teachers to focus on teaching.

This primary school VLE has not been adapted from secondary school VLEs which have different user requirements, but developed from the start with the primary school pupil in mind.

This means it is simpler and quicker to use and more appropriate to the needs of 4 to 11 year olds, their teachers and their parents. The School VLE truly is an easy VLE for primary schools.

School VLE

Being a web based system; the VLE requires only a web browser and an internet connection for staff and pupils to access their homework.

Teachers can see how work is progressing class by class, or they can drill down to individual pupils or pieces of homework, helping to catch potential problems before they arise.

Members of senior leadership can access homework details of any class within their remit and can even download progress details to a spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting.

"Fantastically easy to use. Just the functionality needed without unnecessary complexity."

Mr O'Keefe, Headteacher
Sturry Primary School

School VLE