School VLE Prices

 homeworkThe School VLE is a very competitively priced primary school VLE.

The clever system can be used by any primary school to manage homework.

It is different to a secondary school VLE as it is tailored specifically to the needs of primary school pupils, parents and teachers.

Because this is not a simplified secondary school VLE you are not paying for unnecessary features or unnecessary extra storage.

The School VLE saves you money in the longterm because it helps to significantly cut down on admin and paperwork associated with homework management.

Tasks are also shared and completed quicker using the easy VLE, so it encourages efficiency amongst staff and pupils.

Please Contact Us for the latest School VLE prices and to discuss how it could work for your primary school.

Some great benefits of the School VLE are:

  • Increased computer literacy
  • Easier sharing of information
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Easier monitoring of homework
  • Compliance with increased use of VLEs


We believe our easy VLE will help you to monitor and manage pupil's homework, so that learning becomes more efficient across your primary school.

Contact us for access to the quick and informative School VLE online demo.

"Fantastically easy to use. Just the functionality needed without unnecessary complexity."

Mr O'Keefe, Headteacher
Sturry Primary School

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