Primary School VLE for Teachers

Easy Homework Management

  • Easy to add new homework
  • Quick report views showing homework progress
  • Summary of homework completed by pupils
  • One click download of all homework attachments

Less admin, more teaching

  • No more having to photocopy 30 worksheets and stick them in 30 homework books each week.
  • No more checking through 29 pieces of homework to find out which one is missing.
  • No more lost homework between the classroom door and the pupil's home.

Isn't it time your teachers were able to stop chasing paper and get on with teaching?

 Virtual Learning Environment

This primary school VLE is designed to make setting of homework and lessons less of a time drain for teachers. Assignments can be set and scheduled into the system at the planning stage, and worksheets and associated files attached once for the whole class.

Teachers can now see who has and has not completed their exercises at a glance, allowing them target support to those who need it more quickly.

Any attachments added by pupils can be downloaded for marking individually or all in one go.

Homework progress reports for classes or individuals can be read on the system or exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting.

"Fantastically easy to use. Just the functionality needed without unnecessary complexity."

Mr O'Keefe, Headteacher
Sturry Primary School

School VLE